Photo Gallery: Workshop with Mestranda Márcia Cigarra

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During the second half of January, we had a pleasure and a privilege to be able to train under the supervision of the legendary Mestranda Márcia “Cigarra” Treidler. Mestranda Márcia came to visit us and did three workshops with adults and two workshops with kids. We can all say that it was a great experience. Workshops were challenging, inspirational and most of all we all learned a lot.


Thank you Mestranda Márcia!!!

Muito obrigado Mestranda Márcia!!!!!


take a look below at some pictures that were taken during the event/ Photos: Adam McElroy:

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Vem para roda Camarada

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Camarada vem pra roda
berimbau já vai tocar
seu moço avisa lá em casa
não tenho hora pra chegar.

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Capoeira Abada

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Vou lhe dizer o que me alegra
Numa roda, de capoeira
Quando eu começo a jogar
Três berimbaus
Gunga, médio e uma viola
Atabaque e o pandeiro
E dois cabras pra jogar

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Workshop Series with Mestranda Marcia Cigarra

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It is a pleasure to announce an upcoming Capoeira workshop series with Mestranda Marcia Cigarra, a student of Mestre Camisa, and a living legend in the world of Capoeira. Mestranda agreed to come and visit us in Vancouver to teach workshops, and share her experiences this January, specifically: Friday Jan 20th, Saturday Jan 21st, and Sunday Jan 22nd.

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Hello world!

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